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Mark Davis

PGA Golf Professional

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Golf Lesson Programs
The 2016-17 Golf Lesson Programs can be tailored to each individual’s needs. Take a look at the programs being offered and choose the one that will fit into your calendar so that you can make a commitment to yourself to improve your “Game of a Lifetime.”
All programs are available to members and non-members alike.
Gift Certificates are always available.

Individual & Video

Individual lessons are available for $50.00 per half hour covering any aspect of the game. Video lessons are $100.00 and last approximately one hour. This will involve taping your golf swing, going through a comprehensive analysis of the swing, and developing a program for improvement to correct any flaws. This is the ideal way to see for yourself what is happening during your golf swing. We will compare your swing to those of the world’s best golfers utilizing the fantastic Swing View Pro software. Video lesson CDs that you can play on your home computer are available for a small additional charge.
Video Swing Analysis

The value of video swing analysis in both the teaching and learning phases of golf cannot be understated. This tool is, without a doubt, the best tool for you to be able to understand your golf swing and how to go about improving it. In most instances, a student believes that he or she is performing the motion of the swing in a certain manner. It can be an eye opening experience to see what is actually occurring. Golf professionals can tell you over and over to perform the swing in a certain manner. You might think that you are, when in fact, the same faults occur again and again. But when you can see your swing for what it really is, it helps the student realize what they need to change.  As the student makes adjustments to their game, we can compare their swing in a before and after mode, to examine the progress being made.  Take advantage of the opportunity to take video lessons, for it truly is an ideal way to learn the game.
Lesson Packages

Package plans of lessons offer the best way to improve your golf game. These half hour sessions can be scheduled at your convenience. Consistent and timely feedback can only assist you in developing a game plan for getting your game to be the quality it can be. A course for improvement is the smart way to begin playing your best golf in 2017 and for your Lifetime!


1/2 Hour Lesson Packages*
Call or email for rates!


*In order to receive the discounted rate for a series of lessons, call or email for details.


Short Game Package
(Series of 3)

Two-thirds of all golf shots are played from less than 100 yards of the cup. These shots include putts, chips, pitches, and bunker shots. All golfers can and will improve their short games with this package of half hour lessons. This series covering putting, chipping and pitching, bunker play and decision-making will help you lower your scores immediately.


Short Game Lesson Packages*
Call or email for Rates!


*In order to receive the discounted rate for a series of lessons, call or email for details.

Playing Lesson

This one hour session involves going onto the golf course and reviewing the strategy any player should use when playing the game.
Playing Lesson
(1 Hour) $100.00
Mark Davis
PGA Golf Professional
Doylestown CC
20 Country Club Lane
Doylestown, PA 18901