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Golf Tip of the Month

December 2016

First Move Down-Lead with the Lower Body

One of the biggest flaws in most amateurs golf swings is the dreaded “over the top” move on the downswing.  This is usually a result of trying to hit the ball too hard, which instinctively makes us swing the arms faster which leads to poor body rotation through the ball.  When your body stops rotating, your arms and the golf club are going to keep moving and will be thrown “over the top” resulting in either a slice or a pull.

How best to keep the golf club on plane?  It is important to realize what the proper sequence of motion is from the top of the backswing.  To feel the correct motion, start by swinging to the top of the backswing and stop there, allowing for a long pause of four or five seconds.  As you remain static at the top of the backswing, you should feel like the first move down will be with your left foot, knee, hip and shoulder, in that order (right side for a left hander).  The side of your body which is closer to your target should always be the first to move.  

If you repeat this drill over and over, you will begin to feel the correct move down from the top which will allow the golf club to remain on an inside approach to the golf ball and stop swinging “over the top”.




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