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Mark Davis

PGA Golf Professional

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Teaching Philosophy
 I am a firm believer that golf is a game in which all individuals who play have the same goals of success and enjoyment.  My philosophy is to build upon a student’s strengths while gradually making swing adjustments which are comfortable for each individual.  From time to time, all of us find ourselves somewhat lost as to what we need to change and how to change it. We all need a road map to guide us to a better golf game. I believe that students must commit themselves to a process, a program for improvement which will improve their game in addition to remaining positive.
Over the years, I have given thousands of lessons to golfers of all levels of expertise, from the beginner to the advanced. No matter what your skill level my teaching philosophy is very simple. I believe that fundamentals are the key to a better golf swing.  Most golf shots are missed before the club even moves.  The grip, setup, alignment and proper swing motions are the avenues to success. There are no hidden secrets. Proper fundamentals, a good practice routine and sound basic instruction with the desire to keep learning will have you playing better golf. When you make a commitment to make improvements with my help, you will become empowered to be able to coach yourself when need be.  You will attain a much better understanding of the golf swing, and how your swing can become more consistent.  Don't let yourself get mired down in bad swing thoughts and poor habits this year.   Call me today to get started on the right path!

Mark Davis, PGA Golf Professional
Doylestown CC

20 Country Club Lane
Doylestown, PA 18901

Pro Shop-215.345.8996